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Areas of Focus

I specialize in helping individuals to develop the confidence and skills they need to overcome anxiety, self-doubt, and trauma. I often work with students, professionals, and ambitious individuals who have a desire to unlock their fullest potential and accomplish meaningful life goals.

High school or college, athlete or academic, students encounter many stressors as they move toward their goals. During this developmental period, we focus on learning to manage discomfort, overwhelm, pressure, and confusion.

This is a season of life characterized by the ups and downs of new relationships, roles, and responsibilities. In our work together, we will navigate life's complexities and release the pressure to have it all figured out. Embrace mistakes as your biggest learning tool.

To the world you appear to be thriving but internally you feel burnout, exhausted, and plagued by a fear of failure. Constantly moving to the next goal, yet never fully satisfied. We will learn how to let go of self-criticisms and celebrate your accomplishments.

Maybe you're feeling lost, aimless, or unsure about where you belong. Through the process of self-actualization, you will gain a better understanding of yourself. Join me in a non-judgemental space of curiosity where you can explore questions that help to uncover your deepest truths and reconnect with your most authentic self.

A change in life circumstances can trigger a variety of emotional responses. Whether it's a recent move, new job, or different phase of life, we will work together as you navigate personal growth and build new strengths.
Are you consumed by worry and constantly feeling tense? Anxiety impacts emotional, mental, and physical health. Let me help you to understand triggers and develop the tools you need to regain an overall sense of well-being.

Trauma disrupts relationships, daily functioning, and disconnects us from our sense of self. With extensive experience and training in supporting survivors of trauma, I am passionate about helping others to heal from its impacts.

Standing on the sidelines of life is painful and not believing in yourself only helps to hold you back. There is so much power in learning how to offer yourself more compassion, acceptance, and love as you work toward a stronger sense of self.

Assertive communication is clear, intentional, and from the heart. Clarity is kindness, so say what you mean and mean what you say. Let's work on finding your voice so that you can speak your truth.

My favorite part of my work is seeing others lean in, opening themselves to deeper learning, and becoming inspired by their own power. I invite you to give yourself the gift of self-reflection.
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